Make It Simple for Visitors to Tweet Your Content to Twitter

Web cruisers are pretty ADD.  We don’t like sites that are complicated to navigate and we like things that make our time online simple.

Making it simple for your site visitors to Tweet your content will increase the likelihood of them sharing your information via Twitter; and, giving them a “hey, Twitter me please” reminder in the form of a button doesn’t hurt either!

Have you ever cruised blogs and saw a little button that said “Tweet/Retweet This”?  Were you deciding if you were going to click that little button before you even really dug into the content?  That’s a subliminal message of sorts, and you should have those messages on your page too!

Tweet This gives you that mind power!  It also does the URL shortening, so your visitors click twice and voila, they’ve spread your word.  You can also edit some of the settings - I love to be able to choose!

TwitMe also gives you this functionality but it further allows you to notify your Twitter followers of new post.  You can also interact with your Twitter account.

TwitThis is another service that gives your readers easy access to posting your content on Twitter.
I think Tweet This is my fav and the one I’ll be utilizing here (sending mind power to my own mind…this has been on your to-do list for a while, stop and do it!)

I use Twitter Tools to show my Tweets in my sidebar so I’m not really in need of the extra functionality of TwitMe.

You can use Twitter’s widget to show off your Twitter  on other social sites.  I’ve been installing it on some of my clients’ pages and I can stick it on most social profiles so I love that.
So, long story short, it’s important that you not only show off your Tweets via using tools such as Twitter Tools and Widgets everywhere possible but it’s also important to make it simple for your visitors to share your content with their own followers.

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