Promoting Your Blog: What You Need to Know

There are many ways of promoting your blog. But, there is no science or reason to believe one works better than another. Although, there are general agreements to the process to help insure the best results.

  • It is a long process. - Nothing works overnight.
  • Link out. - Linking out is a great way to gain exposure. Use your pings and trackbacks.
  • Content is king but marketing is queen. - The old ‘content is king’ still holds true today, but if you don’t prepare your blog, no one will see it.
  • Follow your stats. - Don’t just listen to what internet marketers have to say, do your own research. Find what works best for you and continue doing it and learn how to do it better. Which brings me to:
  • Use your strengths. - What are you good at? Use it to your strength to help advertise your website and keep visitors.
  • It’s easier to keep visitors than get new ones. - Find what your visitors enjoy and keep doing it. Not only are return visitors easier to receive, but they are much cheaper.
  • Be consistent. - There is no bigger turnoff to potential subscribers than being inconsistent with copywriting. Keep your theme in order and present content in a uniform manner.
  • Implement SEO techniques. - Search Engine Optimization is the cheapest and most targeted traffic you will ever receive. Utilize it.
  • Be creative. - Find a way to market your blog like no other. Remember bum marketing? Even if his original idea didn’t work, he created national media attention–the best type of promotion.
  • Use social media. - And use it wisely. Don’t just use it to promote yourself or you will get banned quickly. Do your research and find what social media site will benefit you the most. Join it and be active.
  • Follow industry leaders. - No, don’t stalk them. But, do interact with them. The more they know about you the more they will be willing to link to you. That is, if you aren’t spammy. How to do this? Join Twitter and add them as a friend. Converse with them. Oh, and it does help to comment on their blog.
  • Diversify. - Don’t put all your eggs in the same… wait, that has been used. Don’t eat too many… er. Hm… I know, don’t eat too much turkey on Thanksgiving or you won’t be able to eat the delicious pie. If you spend all your time and/or money on one marketing adventure, you are doomed to fail. Instead, branch your marketing out into several areas.
If you’ve learned anything, it is that there is no one way to promote your blog and it is a long process. Never give up after just 6 months unless you receive a ginormous offer.

SEO Tips for Beginners

Search engine optimization is possibly the single most important aspect of any website outside of content. Although SEO is only one element of web marketing, it is possibly the easiest to understand and of course, it is free. By implementing SEO techniques, your site will improve its rankings in image, local, and global searches.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the technique of organizing a website in a way to increase its potential relevance of specific keywords on specific search engines and ensuring external links to the site are properly titled and in abundance. This is done to achieve higher organic ranking in search engines to increase the volume of targeted traffic.

SEO Aspects

Title - Use the title to create viewer interest–be sure to use your main targeted keyword phrase. This is perhaps the most important attribute in SEO.
Content - Use keywords in the body of your content several times, but don’t force it. Using strong and em to help build performance.
Links - Links are the second most important aspect of SEO. Use keywords in all links, both internal and external. As well, seek external links from other websites to point towards your pages using your keywords. This can be done by guest posts, linkbait, or article directory submissions.
Headers - h1, h2, h3, etc. are also important. Every page should have at least an h1. Use h2 and h3 as a way to add sections within your content. Put keyword in them.


Nofollow - Ever since the big three announced nofollow, SEOs have been scrambling to find a way to utilize the attribute. Some suggest placing nofollow on links to contact forms and about pages, while others see those pages more strategically. What SEOs do agree on, is placing the nofollow tag on untrusted links and advertising. Sadly, this includes comments.
Please the Google - Google is the most popular search engine on Earth, by far. Please him and you will find traffic at your doorstep.
Diversify - Don’t be a one horse cowboy. If Google goes down, your website should take only a minor hit. Utilize social media, the blogosphere, and make friends in the industry.
Go long-tail - You won’t get #1 overnight for the word “Cars”. Instead, think long-tail. Target searches for [cool green cars], [new 2009 honda], and [cheap plug-in hybrids].
Think longterm - Don’t sacrifice your site for short-term success. Every now and then a new blackhat technique comes to the forefront suggesting it will make you #1 if you cook crow. Don’t fall for the temptation.


SEO is a long-term project; it is not something that can be done overnight. Instead, find your comfort zone and continue the process of gaining links and optimizing pages over the life of your website. Only then can your site truly gain consistent exposure in search engines.

Mendaftar di Chitika

Sobat blogger barangkali frustasi blognya selama ini ditolak terus sebagai publisher GA maupun PPC lokal. Atau mungkin sobat selama ini belum bisa dan mau memaksimalkan pendapatan lewat websitenya. Nah Kali ini Julak mau berbagi PPC lain alternatif terbaik pengganti Adsense. Chitika. Apa itu chitika, Sebagian sobat blogger barangkali sudah pernah dengar dengan PPC ini. Chitika adalah sejenis program periklanan seperti Google adsense juga, namun berbeda jenis iklan dan teknis pembayarannya.

Jika iklan dari google adsense biasanya ada gambar dan URL langsung mengarah ke website advertiser maka di chitika tidak. Iklan di Chikita hanya berupa semacam "search engine" yaitu saat pengunjung mengklik iklan akan di arahkan ke link pencarian.

Bagaimana cara pembayaran Chitika?

Chitika membayar publishernya dengan mata uang Dollar dengan 2 alternatif yaitu via paypal dan cek, nah kalo Google adsense lewat jasa pengiriman uang Western Union dan Cek. Memang sih agak enakan adsense, karena jika kita mau mencairkan hasil pendapatan cukup ke kantor pos yang sudah online atau Bank lokal seperti Mandiri dan Bank Danamon. Cara Pembayaran Chitika dilakukan per 30 hari 

Apakah Chitika benar membayar?

Yup Chitika bukan PPC scam atau tipu-tipuan. Saya  menyaksikan sendiri bagaimana teman saya mencairkan bayaran dari chitika. lewat paypal tentunya, karena di tempat saya cukup sulit/ tidak ada Bank yang mau mencairkan cek dari Chitika (gak tau ya kenapa). Chitika akan membayar publisher jika sudah mendapatkan minimal 10$ via Paypal dan 50$ lewat cek.

Cara mendaftar di Chitika.

Sebelum sobat akan mendaftarkan blog di Chitika, siapkan dulu blog berbahasa Inggris. Why? Jika sobat mendaftarkan blog berbahasa Indonesia, kemungkinan besar akan ditolak, seperti saya yang pernah mendaftarkan 2 blog saya langsung ditolak, hehehe. Tapi untuk coba-coba bisa saja, buktikan aja dulu yee.  Muncul pertanyaan, mengapa di blog berbahasa Indonesia bisa muncul iklan Chitika? Nah, begitu sobat sudah diterima pengajuannya lewat blog berbahasa Inggris tadi, maka kodenya bisa dipasang di blog Indonesia milik sobat. Tentunya setelah kita menambahkan blog yang mau dipasang kode iklan Chitika.  Bagaimana membuat blog bahasa Inggris? hehehe pake ajian terakhir Bro .... Atau bisa juga jika blog sobat bahasanya campuran Inggris dan Indonesia.

Apa saja syarat blog agar diterima sebagai publisher chitika?

Menjadi publisher Chitika menurut saya tidak terlalu ribet seperti google Adsense ataupun PPC lokal premium, karena Chitika tidak mensyaratkan berapa jumlah kunjungan perhari, pagerank blog dan Alexa rank yang bagus. Berdasarkan pengalaman saya untuk mendaftar di Chitika syarat utamanya adalah blog yang didaftarkan harus blog berbahasa Inggris. Jumlah kunjungan ke blog saya itupun tidak tentu paling-paling cuma 10 pageview sehari yang terbesar. Apakah harus memakai top level domain sendiri? Tidak perlu karena cukup blogspot udah bisa diterima. Namun sperti umumnya PPC lain, jangan memasang Iklan chitika di blog yang melanggar ketentuan, mau tahu ketentuan apa? Silakan lihat gambarannya saat pendaftaran pada bagian centang-centang. 

Sudah siap mendaftar Chitika? 

1. Masuk ke website Chitika Klik di Sini 

atau masuk klik saja banner di bawah ini.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!
2.Jika sudah masuk, silakan masukkan data selengkapnya seperti gambar di bawah;
cara daftar chitika
Isi Nama depan dan belakang; username untuk login, nama URL blog lengkap, password dan email untuk konfirmasi, serta kode Captcha. Jangan lupa cek list / centang semua form, lalu Klik Submit Application.
3. Nah langkah selanjutnya adalah konfirmasi bahwa kita telah mendaftar di Chitika, buka inbox emai atau jika tidak ada cari di folder Spam email saat pendaftara. Di situ tersedia link untuk konfirmasi pendaftaran chitika.
4. Jika sudah dibuka, isi lagi semua isian, mirip-mirip pada langkah ke2 di atas. Jika sudah, tunggu 1-6 hari. Buka email, akan muncul pemberitahuan bahwa blog kita diterima atau tidak oleh Chitika.
Langkah-langkah di atas adalah langkah pendaftaran, Jika sobat belum diterima, misalnya karena blog yang didaftarkan berbahasa Indonesia, Sobat bisa mendaftar ulang, dengan blog berbahasa Inggris. Saran saya ganti email pendaftarannya.
Jika sobat udah diterima langkah selanjutnya adalah membuat kode iklan untuk dipasang di blog. 

Cara membuat/mengambil kode iklan Chitika

1. Setelah masuk/login ke Chitika , Arahkan mouse ke tab Ad Setup

2. Akan muncul 3 pilihan silakan pilih Code Creator
3. Pick Your Colors silakan pilih warna link, teks, background dan border iklan.

3. Di “Select Unit Options” >>  buat setelan ukuran iklan dan warna sesuai blog sobat.
4. Lalu klik Get Code, akan muncul kode di bagian bawah, copy kode tersebut dan masukkan ke blog/situs Anda. Jika tidak mau repot cukup di pasang disidebar atau header saja.

Setelah kita membuat kode tadi, langkah selanjutnya mungkin sobat ingin menambahkan blog yang ingin di pasang iklan Chitika. Nah disini sobat bisa menambahkan blog sobat yang berbahasa Indonesia.

Menambahkan blog setelah diterima chitika

1. Klik Domains disamping Ad Setup
2. Silakan masukkan URL blog sobat, contoh
3. Klik Add. Selesai. Tunggu sesaat atau log out dari akun chitika, lalu login lagi. Maka blog yang ditambahkan tadi sudah diterima. Jika belum tunggu beberapa jam.

Pembayaran Chitika.

Jika sobat belum mempunyai paypal, silakan sobat pinjam akun paypal teman yang bisa dipercaya. atau kalau mau pembayaran lewat check, sobat bisa mengaturnya;
1. Arahkan mouse ke Account > Klik Payment setting
2. Pada Payment information mungkin sudah lengkap data yang dimasukkan saat pendaftaran, jika sobat memilih lewat check, sebaiknya sesuaikan dengan KTP sobat. Jika sobat ingin pembayaran lewat Paypal, masukkan email Paypal sobat/teman. 
3. Selesai.

Q & A on Resellers Rights

In a nutshell, most top marketers today boost their income and add spikes to their traffic and build their mailing lists through creative use and leverage on Resell Rights. And it can very well be your leverage to your next breakthrough in Internet Marketing, too, but only if you understand it first!

Resell Rights Question #1

Are all Resell Rights products the same in terms and conditions?


All Resell Rights are not created equally. Resell Rights vary from one product to the next, with different rights, terms, and conditions. In fact, some products that are contained in a Resell Rights package are not for resell at all, but are instead for personal use only.

If you purchase a resell rights package, which contains more than one product, the package will typically contain a resell license agreement for each product.  Do not assume anything! Read every word of the resell license before you resell the product, and keep that license in a safe place for future reference.

For some products, you may be allowed to resell the product for any price, or even give it away for free. Others may have a set price, meaning that you cannot sell the product for less than that price or give it away for free. In the case of physical products, such as CD’s or DVD’s, you may or may not be allowed to duplicate the product when you sell it. Some companies may require you to purchase the product directly from them for resell – for each sale.

There are usually other terms and conditions for reselling a product as well, other than the price at which you may resell it. For instance, most product authors will have strict anti-spam policies, meaning that the product cannot be advertised by any method that may be in violation of federal spam laws.

If you are ever unsure about your resell rights, contact the author of the product before doing anything else. You do not want to violate any terms or conditions, as it can and will be considered a violation of copyright laws, which is a federal offense. Make sure that you aren’t just asking another reseller – contact the author of the product directly.

Make sure that you don’t misplace your licenses. Print them out and keep them on a file. You should also back up electronic copies on a disk. Include any email exchanges with the product author as well in your backup files, including the emails that you send.

Resell Rights Vs Private Label Rights

 PLR materiel can be a very useful tool for the busy IM and can be used in a variety of ways to augment his or hers blogging and marketing. But what is the difference between Resell Rights and Private Label Rights

Many people are confused about the difference between resell rights and private label rights. Several mistakenly think that they are the same thing, and this is not so. It is easy, however, to understand how the two terms can be confusing.

If you have resell rights, you have the right to resell the product, in conjunction with the terms and conditions set forth in your license, as is. This means that you cannot alter or edit the product in any way, and you cannot put your name on it as the author.

If you have private label rights, however, you can edit and alter the product as you see fit, and you can even put your own name, or your company’s name, on the product as the author. You can change words, chapters, graphics, add to the product, break the product down into several different products - whatever you choose to do.

Because you have more freedom with private label rights, these types of products generally cost more to purchase the rights for.  Some products even have two options when you purchase them: resell rights or private label rights. In fact, you can use your private label rights products and sell the resell rights to others, after you have changed the product and put your name on it.

There is also a difference between resell rights and master resell rights. Resell rights simply give you the right to resell the product, while master resell rights allow you to resell the product and the resell rights!

Again, it is easy to see how one could be confused with these various terms. However, if given the choice, always go for the private label rights. This will allow you to have a product of your very own, without actually having to create one yourself. Most private label rights licenses give you much more leniency.